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Secretary of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee Zhang Bing and his entourage came to Jeamo for guidance

2020-09-08 13:46:09 京馬電機有限公司 Viewd 1646

On the morning of the first working day of 2020, Zhang Bing, secretary of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee, and his entourage went to Tongxiang to carry out the activities of "deepening the'three services' and promoting a good start". In-depth guidance of the smart factory of Jeamo DC Motor Division.

"Do you have confidence in the development in 2020? Are there any difficulties that the party committee and government need to solve?" Zhang Bing visited the workshop and asked Zhu Chunfu, the chairman of the company, about the operating conditions. After listening to Zhu Chunfu's introduction, Zhang Bing praised the company's good development trend, fully affirmed the company's share reform and listing measures, and expressed gratitude for the company's contribution to Jiaxing's economic development.

Zhang Bing said: "To build a strong manufacturing city in Jiaxing, a large number of private entrepreneurs are required to focus on the real economy. I hope that you will stick to your main business and industry, and continue to work harder."

Secretary Zhang Bing encouraged the creation of the second-generation general manager Zhu Zhongjie to make Jeamo contributions on the road to making a powerful country!